Badet i hardanger

In Hardangerbadet you will find activities for young and old. You can play, have fun and exercise. You can also have a cup of coffee and chat with old and new friends. Hardangerbadet combines many activities and creates new attractive offers aimed at health and well-being. The swimming facility, with a 25 meter pool, family pool and therapy pool, is the core of the facility.

About the pool and gym


1)Water slide with a view of the fjord.
The slide starts at the top of the diving tower and ends in a small pool by the family pool. Here there is both speed and excitement.
2)Family pool
Here you will find a paddling pool with splash toys, a shallow part with an increasingly deep bottom and a deeper end. In the deep part, you can climb a climbing wall. On the back of the wall there is a countercurrent channel. The water in the family pool is 28 degrees Celsius.
3)Diving tower
In the deepest part of the training pool, there is a diving tower. Here you can jump and dive from 1 or 3 metres.
4)Training pool
You can swim 25 m in 6 lanes. The shallowest part of the pool is 1.40 m, the deepest 3.60 m. You can use a lift for easy access to the pool. The water in the training pool is 28 degrees Celsius. Individual lanes or the entire pool can be rented on request. If you are interested in renting, contact:
5)Training room
The training room is 130 square meters. It contains updated and varied equipment for fitness, basic and strength training. Children between 13-15 years old must train with an adult. Children aged 15 and up can workout alone.
Buy swimwear and glasses, bracelets, games and bath nappies. Have you forgotten your towel and drinking bottle? You can find it in the store.
Relax and calm down. Communal sauna with access from the pool area. Shower in close connection.
Women’s and men’s wardrobe with all facilities. You will find your own Handicap changing rooms in both departments. Between the changing rooms are separate changing rooms for families who have direct access to both the ladies’ and men’s changing rooms.